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FAMU Department of Psychology
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Community Psychology


Entrance & Graduation Criteria

The community psychology graduate program serves both traditional and non-traditional students. Although students are on the average between 22-25 years of age at entry, non-traditional students are welcome and are relatively easily accommodated with some classes being offered in the evenings. FAMU has a child care facility on campus that can provide support to students with young and school-age children. Between 8-15 students are typically admitted into the community psychology program each year.
In general, students are expected to fulfill the following admission criteria:
  • Major or minor in psychology
  • GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.00 scale) or GRE of 1000
  • 3 letters of recommendation

At least 10% of each class includes students who do not meet these criteria. These individuals are given support to assist them in completing the program.

Obtaining the Masters of Science degree in community psychology involves completion of all required courses and maintenance of a "B" average. Students must also complete a thesis and an approved community psychology internship. The program is structured so that students may complete it in two years.

Community Psychology Course Offerings
Required Courses
CYP 6936 (Sem. in Community Psychology)
PPE 6055 (Sem. in Theories of Personality)
PSY 6064 (Prosem. in Adv. General Psych.)
PSY 6206 (Adv. Psych. Stats & Meas.)
PSY 6317 (Adv. Psychological Testing)
CLP 6055 (Psychopathology)
CLP 6445 (Individual Personality Testing)
CYP 6938 (Adv. Sem. in Black Psychology)
PSY 6216 (Research Methods)
SPS 6206 (Intervention Techniques)
CYP 6948 (Internship)
PSY 6971 (Thesis)
DEP 6056 (Developmental Psychology)
EAB 6766 (Adv. Behavior Modification)

For more information, contact Dr. Joseph Baldwin aka Kobi Kambon at 412-7830

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